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Online dating

It is customary for psychologists to break an acquaintance into several stages: first glance, with which two appraisingly look at each other; the first 10 seconds of a comprehensive assessment of the impression produced; the first ten minutes of communication; the first hour of time spent together.

It is believed that these milestones, although they follow one another, step by step, and often, like in a computer game, mean a transition from one level to the next, possibly more difficult, but, nevertheless, are equally important for the continuation of acquaintance and the development of future relationships All of the above statements are true for a situation when two people first meet each other in real life. What happens if two meet in virtual reality? More and more users are wondering if online dating has any advantages. As often happens, and everything in the world has its pros and cons, online dating is no exception.

Of course, it's good when you have friends all over the world who will listen on Skype at any time, read or write a long heartfelt e-mail, tell about the climate in the tropical country where they live, and help you rent an apartment for the duration of your vacation. But most of us, getting acquainted on the World Wide Web, still hope to find not only the warmth of the soul of another person, but the warmth of a hand that can be touched when we meet.