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First, understand that there is no reason to be shy. A selection of amazing dating sites. Now you will forget about loneliness. It is enough to use it once and you will be satisfied with the result. Absolutely free of charge, choose a website that will bring you happiness Communication is a need that nature has endowed us with. Man is a social creation. Be confident in yourself and you will definitely be able to make new friends.

If you met a person, understand that this is not enough, you need to interest and win over the interlocutor:

- The main rule of a new acquaintance is a smile and friendliness.
A new acquaintance is unlikely to want to be friends with a person who is dissatisfied with something, sad or angry.

- Ask the interlocutor questions and listen carefully to the answers. Keep the conversation going with your new friend.
Thus, you show your interest and intention to be friends.