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OK so I want to provide soloing the armadyl boss a go.

Obviously nearly all riches in Runescape comes from accumulated resources (including product drops and raw resources) instead of collected gp. If you consider it, the time it would take you to make 10m in coin drops at Armadyl can easily cause you to 100m in item drops. For this reason I believe Jagex might buy out items to the Grand Exchange which is similar to Monetary Economics of RuneScape gold real life. In a nutshell, if you mean to stop for a couple of decades, it would be wise to buy a rare because it will very likely grow in value over that time.As above. Barrows gloves are an unbelievable help, and provide far better melee AND ranged bonuses compared to the vambraces. Snakeskin boots for that range are also a good investment! Dragon boots really carry a negative choice bonus, and as you're not likely to be hit at all, there's no point. Also get 52 summoning, terrorbirds are extremely helpful for all those 12 extra stock slots:rolleyes:

Guthan's is great, but in relation to optimizing slayer expertise rate, I would opt for a whip. Also, get a rune defender asap- only takes around 2 hours, it is free, and very, very much worth the effort when it comes to low level jobs. Spend your remaining money on food (tuna if you are ranging, monkfish if melee), super sets and decent bolts- mithril are most likely the best until you can get your hands on broads.

Contemplate kitting out your POH using a prayer altar/mounted glory, Kharyll/Falador teleports, along with a menagerie. This way, whilst teleporting to your home to see Sumona, it's possible to completely restore prayer, summoning, and have access to a selection of teleports if you re-enter your residence.

For a word of advice to your levels, I'd cancel metal dragon tasks, and use your slayer points to find the capacity to fletch broad bolts and make black masks. Lastly, finish your initial four jobs at a easier slayer master (eg. Canifis), as you're not going to be earning any points before the fifth undertaking. Good luck!

OK so I want to provide soloing the armadyl boss a go. I am hoping for cheap RS gold a nice fall (Does anybody know what the fall rate of a fantastic drop is?) The problem is I must use welfare equipment, as I only have 3 mil to invest in gear. I'm only hoping for two, possibly 3 kills per excursion. If I could get over that's just bonus.