The player is armed with three health potions . They are replenished every cooldown. There's a short cooling time between using health potions and the player must be tactical when choosing the appropriate time to apply them during a fight. Combating enemies and doing significant damage to bosses also causes the drop of red health orbs and when they are collected, they restore health just as if a health potion had been consumed.

There is no cooldown associated with picking up health orbs. Therefore, players can pick them up even if they've consumed a previous orb or health potion. How difficult is health to manage is dependent on the style of play of the individual and how likely a class is to play on the frontline. It doesn't matter if one is taking blow after blow as an Barbarian or just standing back avoiding harm as a Wizard being able to know how to consume a potion and when to grab an energy orb, and when to retreat completely is an essential part of fighting through certain tough fights.

Like other dungeon crawlers, Diablo 4 is awash with loot. Opening chests, killing demons or completing quests will cause gold, gems along with weapons and armor to drop, and shortly after completing the tutorial, the player will see their inventory overflowing with equipment. In other games, being bogged down with identical swords, shields that differ only by two or one point in one statistic, and hundreds of common armor items would be an alarming situation.

Diablo 4 is an excellent solution for gear that is surplus. All equipment that the player doesn't really need can be broken down at an industrial blacksmith within the security of the hub area. Doing so rewards the player with scraps of materials that can be used to upgrade the equipment. Upgrading requires a substantial amount of materials, so the player must grab every item they can and taking it back to the town to dismantle.

While it's tempting to devote yourself to the story by completing missions after missions there are valid reasons to depart from the main path and pursue side objectives as well. Certain parts of the story are restricted, requiring players to reach the required level before they can proceed. Although main story missions give significant rewards for new players however, there are instances when finishing side missions can be needed to get through the final level or two prior to proceeding.

Exploration is a way to reward players with gold and treasure that will make strengthening them and getting through the main quest easier. The Challenge Rifts as well as Bounties can be especially beneficial to collect extra reward points, while helping the character gain strength, as well as outfitting them with specialized gear to enhance their strength. Because they are refreshed daily, Bounties in particular are a potent source of extra EXP. Diablo 4 also offers daily rewards for playing and killing monsters. This can go a an immense way in helping players defeat the hellish armies.

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